Emerging Technologies


Voice dynamics relies on the production of a “voice template” that is subsequently used to compare with a spoken phrase. A speaker must repeat a set phrase several times whilst the system builds the template. Other emerging biometrics methods are vein identification which is based upon the vein pattern on the back of the hand; lip movement in which a camera captures the images while the user speaks a phrase. This is usually combined with voice and face recognition system for more accurate verification. Gait identification measures movements of a user; thermal face scan measures the internal temperature of your face relative to the external room temperature; Vascular pattern biometrics include hand vascular, finger vein, and palm vein.

Retinal Scan technology is based on the blood vessel pattern in the retina of the eye. An infrared light source is used to illuminate the retina of the eye; the infrared energy is absorbed faster by blood vessels in the retina than by surrounding tissue. The image of the enhanced blood vessel pattern of the retina is analyzed for characteristic points within the pattern.