Industry Technology

Innovation brings technological advancement beyond one’s imagination, especially in the security arena. Two of the leading edge technologies – Biometrics and RFID are currently experiencing unprecedented growth around the globe, ultimately offering an enhanced modern and secure life.

Biometrics Overview

Biometrics traits and uniqueness amongst individuals are the most personal and convenient means of human identification for security purposes to date. Various researches and developments elaborated and successfully implemented additional traits for human identification, both ensuring a bright future for the technology and a secure everyday life.

RFID Overview

RFID technology offers an array of potentials for various industry applications, increasing the overall efficiency, organization and security element of the flow.

IVS Overview

An Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) System involves the use of video analytics in video surveillance system which automates the decision-making process of humans in identifying potential threats.

M2M Overview

M2M represents a number of different types of communication: machine-to-machine; machine-to-man; man-to-machine; machine-to-mobile and mobile-to-machine.

loT Overview

IoT stands for “Internet for Things”, a network where information transmitting equipment, such as RFID technology, links any physical objects to the internet to perform information exchange.