Products & Markets

RCG is committed to provide innovative, cutting edge biometrics products and security solutions for a diversity of industries. With a clear focus on developing new revenue streams, we integrate our expertise, biometrics and RFID, into our business model comprising of three business units namely, consumer, enterprise and solutions projects.

RCG has created technological innovative products to the consumer market. These products have been designed to heighten security and bring convenience into everyday life. Aesthetically appealing designs are coupled with leading edge technologies. RCG has successfully continued to launch various products into the consumer market including products such as biometrics storage box series, and the notebook anti-theft security device FxSecure Key. Fx-series applications feature the latest facial authentication engine. It includes FxGuard Windows Logon software for personal computers and the Fx-series notebook computers with embedded real-time face recognition, RFID and encryption technology for enhanced security.

With the growing demands on premises security and control, RCG offers a broad range of fingerprint and facial access control applications that leverages high-level security and management efficiency. Designed for high performance, i-series, s-series and k-series provide superior advanced biometrics recognition technologies which can be deployed in an array of industries. FxAlert series is a video surveillance system incorporating facial recognition software for identifying valued customers or black listed individuals. RCG will continue to expand on the successful access control series offerings as well as introducing intelligent surveillance software providing the highest degree of security.

Solutions, Projects and Services
RCG offers a number of biometric, RFID and integrated solutions to large and small enterprises at the most efficient and convenient cost. The solutions are successfully deployed in a number of industries which include supply chain and logistics, retailing, manufacturing, transportation, aviation and healthcare industries.

Our solutions cover a wide range of features and functions, they include: Integrated Medical Solution, Track-n-Trace solutions, Point of Sales System, Asset Management System and Luggage Management System, Anti Counterfeit and Surveillance just to name a few. With successful implementation, RCG’s solutions have helped industry clients to enhance effectiveness in CRM, inventory, warehouse and human resources management. RCG will continue to focus on biometrics and RFID, together with other complimentary technologies including intelligent surveillance, Wi-Fi, High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M).