Business Strategy


RCG continues to develop its portfolio of new and innovative products and solutions, to enhance its penetration of existing markets and to explore new vertical markets. Our vision is to be a leading international developer, manufacturer and solutions provider in biometric and RFID arena, aiming to bring biometrics, RFID and our cutting-edge technology in everyday use.

Concerning our existing and new product development lines, we will retain our focus in our main areas: biometric, RFID and security, at the same time integrate novel technologies such as wireless and mobile applications into our products. Besides, the Group plans to expand by increasing its market share in carefully selected rapidly growing high potential markets, in particular Southeast Asia, PRC and the Middle East.

As our footprint and client base grow, we see ever increasing opportunities to deliver an increasingly diverse selection of biometric and RFID based products and solutions to our customers and clients. The lucrative potential of early-adopter demand in our target markets combined with RCG’s highly attractive products, deep technical expertise and successful business model give us a great deal of confidence in our Group’s future.