Awards & Recognitions

As a leading provider of integrated biometrics & RFID security solutions, RCG is recognized for our excellence and outstanding achievements on innovative product designs, technological leadership and innovative business model.

We are honored to be in receipt of the following prestigious awards and industry recognitions throughout the years:

Deloitte Fast Technology 500 Asia Pacific
RCG is listed as one of the “Deloitte Fast Technology 500 Asia Pacific”. The award was our tribute to our ability to thrive as an emerging high-growth technology company in Asia Pacific region – even during the global economic crisis. Selected companies are marked to be key forces behind economic growth in Asia Pacific for years to come.

A&S;’s global 2010 Security 50
RCG is honoured to announce that in A&S;’s 2010 Security 50, RCG was ranked 9th globally out of the 50 top performers in the prestigious list. In other categories, we are named the 3rd largest global access control products provider and ranked 4th in the top 20 Asian companies. RCG is proud that we have received the recognition second-year-in-a-row, with the rank improved compared to last year.

Hong Kong RFID Awards 2010 – Certificate of Merit
RCG has received Certificate of Merit from GS1 Hong Kong which acknowledging RCG’s self-developed RFID Document Management System (DMS) as a leading and innovative solution in the market. Representatives from RCG attended the award ceremony on 5 November 2010 at the JW Marriot Hotel Hong Kong.

Canon Malaysia’s Top 5 Nationwide Distributor
Canon Malaysia’s Top 5 Nationwide Distributor
RCG was honoured to be awarded as Canon’s Top 5 Nationwide Distributor in hardware category at the Canon Pixma Black Series launching event on 24 September 2010 at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Besides that, Canon also presented RCG the award as Authorised Hardware Distributor for the year 2009 & 2010.

The 9th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Product Award 2010

The 9th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Product Award 2010
RCG is proud to be awarded the “9th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Product Award”, by the Malaysia Entrepreneur Development Association under excellent product category. The award presentation ceremony was carried out on 25 July 2010 at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

2010 Southeast Asia Frost & Sullivan Differentiation Excellence Award
RCG is pleased to receive 2010 Southeast Asia Frost & Sullivan Differentiation Excellence Award in the Biometrics Market. RCG is recognised by Frost & Sullivan, a leading research institute with over 1,800 industry analysts worldwide, being an innovative company which can manage and develop highly effective solutions for security requirements across the industry through in-house biometric solutions.

RFID Industry Development Award
RCG China was much honored to have been awarded “RFID industry Development Award” from China RFID Industry Alliance and China Information Industry, Chamber of Commerce on 18 March 2010. Apart from the prestigious award to RCG China, RCG RFID Data Center solution and RCG RFID Anti-counterfeit Ticketing solution have been selected as “Successful Applications Case Collection of RFID in China” during the year 2004-2009 by the State coordination leading group office of golden card project.

RFID Technology Development Application Award
RCG is hounoured to announce that it receives RFID Technology Development Application Award from the Automatic Identification China, the most influential online network of integrated service providers in the field of RFID, biometrics and identification technology in China, for its contribution to the development of RFID industry in the Greater China region, namely China RFID Tour in 2007, China Healthcare IT Summit in 2008 and the 2009 Forum on Development and Application of Internet of Things (IoT), also ranges of successful innovative implementations, including RFID ticket anti-counterfeit system for the Los Angeles Galaxy China Tour 2008, banking system for China Construction Bank and Bank of Dalian, as well as solutions for educational and medical organisations.

Forbes’ Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion – The Region’s Top 200 Small and Midsize Companies
RCG is honoured to receive recognition from Forbes Asia, by being named one of “Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion – The Region’s Top 200 Small and Midsize Companies.” Forbes magazine is a leading international business magazine well-known for its lists such as the Forbes 400 and Forbes Global 2000 companies.According to Forbes, the selected corporations showed survival and great entrepreneurship stories during the ongoing global financial turmoil, probably the worst in decades. RCG was among 64 companies returning from last year, marked as having a ‘fearless management’. We were selected based on our performance relative to the regional benchmark in achieving profitability, growth, modest indebtedness in the current difficult economic climate and great future prospects.

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2010
RCG is pleased to have been selected by Deloitte as one of companies in the Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2010 for the second year in a row. The award is one of the most comprehensive and respected rankings of fast-growing technology companies in the Asia Pacific region. The prestigious award recognizes RCG as one of the most important technology player in the Asia Pacific which continues its growth story amid the unsettled economic background.

Morgan Stanley Capital Investment (MSCI) Small Cap Hong Kong Indices
RCG has been included in the “Morgan Stanley Capital Investment (MSCI) Small Cap Hong Kong Indices”. First launched forty years ago, the MSCI Indices compiles the leading performing stocks; it is used extensively by fund managers as their investment decision support tools. RCG’s inclusion in this prestigious index increases the reach of the Group and is further recognition of the RCG’s success and potential.

A&S; top 50 Security Companies
RCG has been included in the “A&S; top 50 Security Companies” by the A&S; magazine. In a list of the top 50 security companies in the world, A&S;, a highly respected publication focusing exclusively on the security sector, RCG was ranked as the 11th largest security firm globally and 5th in Asia. Further categorisation showed that RCG is the 2nd largest biometric company globally and the largest in Asia Pacific. RCG is also the 2nd in the rank in terms of the companies within the Security 50 which showed the largest profit growth.

Economic Digest Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises 2009
RCG is pleased to receive “Economic Digest Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises 2009”. Economic Digest is a widely read investment publications in Hong Kong which was established 28 years ago. Every year, the Economic Digest selected around thirty listed companies in Hong Kong which demonstrated outstanding performance in terms of business and financial performance. RCG is proud to receive this award despite it was just listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange for less than a year.

Motorola Fast Growth Award 2008
Motorola Fast Growth Award 2008
RCG is honoured to receive the “Fast Growth Award 2008” from Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solution Division, a global technologies, solutions and services provider. The award ceremony, held on 13 February 2009 in Xiamen, China, is an annual event aimed at recognising the growth of industry leading companies in the area of technology solution provider, RFID and wireless, which were also Motorola Enterprise Mobility Business Partners.RCG’s provision of RFID and wireless technology in its projects solutions segment utilising Motorola’s hardware and devices were exceeding expectations and so RCG won the award for its tremendous growth in terms of revenue among the companies joining the partnership program. Other award recipients included leading distributors and resellers in China.

Medical Healthcare Industry Product Award 2008
Medical Healthcare Industry Product Award 2008
RCG is proud to receive the “Medical Healthcare Industry Product Award 2008” from e-Medical magazine, a leading healthcare-related magazine widely circulated in PRC, on 18 December 2008. The award criteria were based on the healthcare solution capabilities and successful deployments.The award signifies the industry’s recognition of the cutting edge hospital RFID solutions which enables healthcare information system management and automation, including inpatient and outpatient information management, patient tracking, time & attendance system, as well as centralised prescription management provided by RCG.

Forbes Asia – Business Awards
RCG has been recognized by Forbes Asia as being one of “Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion – The Region’s Top 200 Small and Midsize Companies” and was further selected as the only company within the 200 to receive a special award for the “Fastest Growing Company” in the same category.According to the report by Forbes magazine, the selected corporations successfully negotiated the pitfalls in early 2008 to increase sales and profits. Also, the selected companies were recommended as “a good place for investors to get ideas about Asian investments”.The Companies selected were judged on their performance relative to the regional benchmark and their success in achieving success in the current difficult economic climate.

China Red Cross Humanitarian Service Award 2008
China Red Cross Humanitarian Service Award 2008
RCG is honoured to receive the “China Red Cross Humanitarian Service Award” medal for its continual support to corporate social responsibility projects and care to the public.For the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008, RCG staff made significant amounts of financial assistance to the victims. Following the severe snowstorm which hit Southern China in early 2008, RCG immediately donated a large stock of its Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment to the Chenzhou city government of Hunan province, one of the worst affected regions.

Great Development Award 2008
RCG is proud to receive the “Great Development Award” from Computer Business Intelligence (CBI). This places RCG alongside world-renowned brands such as CISCO, IBM, HP and Oracle who also received awards.CBI’s Top 100 Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 22 October 2008 as part of the 9th Annual CBI Chinese IT Channel Forum. Over 500 high-profile distributors and prominent IT corporations from China and overseas attended and presented there.

2008 China Telecom Industry “Top 100 Solution Provider” award
2008 China Telecom Industry “Top 100 Solution Provider” award
RCG has been recognized as one of the “Top 100 Solution Provider” in the Chinese telecom industry during The annual 2008 China Telecom Industry Top 100 Solution Provider Award ceremony held by PT Press. Companies that qualified in 2008 have demonstrated the uniqueness and outstanding performance of their products and services, and are among the top tiers within the telecom industry.

Business of The Year Award 2007
RCG Malaysia (RCG MY) received the “Business of The Year Award 2007” in the Foreign Company category from SMI & SME Worldwide Network. Requirement for nomination of this award includes an annual gross turnover of more than RM$25 million (approx. US$6 million).The award presentation was held on 13 October 2008 at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur.

3rd China International RFID Technology Forum 2008
RCG was awarded Best RFID System Integrator in China as well as the Most Well Known RFID Enterprise Leader in China by the 3rd China international RFID technology Forum 2008 and Technology Exhibition which was held between 27 and 28 March 2008 in Beijing. The forum attracts participants from multinational companies including RCG, Oracle, Avery Dennison, IBM, NEC, and Nokia.The forum committee awarded RCG with the recognition of the significant contributions the Group has made to the development of RFID in the Chinese market. The event was hosted by the China Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Asia Pacific RFID Association and Tsinghua University.

Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand 2007 / 2008
RCG was honored to receive the Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand – Product Excellence Award 2007. Organized by Asia Entrepreneur Alliance (AEA), the Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand 2007/2008 award underscores RCG’s technological leadership in today’s highly competitive business environments within the region, while the Product Excellence Award is to honor the special product and design in the industry.

PC. COM – Power Brand Award 2008
RCG was honored with the Power Brand Award by PC. COM magazine in January 2008. We are pleased to be presented the “Top 5 Emerging Brands Award” along with OKI, NEC, Panasonic and ASUS. The Top 5 Emerging Brands award is given to the top five emerging technology brands which are up and coming with high potential of market growth.

Auto ID China Awards 2007
Auto ID China, one of the most established and pioneering informative websites covering auto identification technologies, nominated a shortlist of companies in accordance with their respective technology innovation and influences that shape the present and future industry trends. The “2007 most excellent Biometrics Industry Brand” and “2007 most excellent RFID Industry Brand” were awarded to RCG in recognition of its expertise in biometrics and RFID technologies, which offer users optimum levels of security and convenience according to their unique end-user or industry needs.The award ceremony took place in Shanghai on 23 October 2007. Active industry participants such as Motorola, Toshiba and Intermec were also among the awards recipients. RCG is proud and excited to receive the awards as a company which has entered the PRC market for only one year.

Technology Business Review ASEAN Awards 2007
RCG was awarded in October 2007 the Technology Business Review Asean Awards 2007 in the category of Automation for Biometrics & RFID Application. Selected by the International Selection Committee, RCG is recognized by this Award for the use of new technologies to innovate and improve on products/services offerings, and for creating competitive edge that promote the industry either on national, regional or global levels. The scale of the International Selection Committee, the rigorous selection process and the names of nominees from the corporate sector all added prestige to the TBR Asean Awards and create valuable recognition for the award-winners.

Best Sales in RFID 2006
Best Sales in RFID 2006
RCG was awarded the Best Sales in RFID 2006 by Motorola on March 2007. Prestigious award offered by Motorola recognizes RCG’s business and technical capability in providing innovative RFID solutions, capturing customers” needs and imagination. This award, covering the Greater China region, bolsters RCG recognition as Motorola’s preferred RFID partners.

Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand 2006 / 2007
The award granted by Asia Entrepreneur Alliance (AEA) in February 2007 recognizes RCG’s excellent performance & achievement and the high standard of its products and services, offering high assurance of quality, safety and reliability. The award denotes outstanding Asian brands such as RCG, Pigeon Japan, Cenosis Singapore, Diesel, Cathay Pacific, CEC, Sweettape, Sandor, Estebel, Artak Design, Lexwel International and Nationwide Express etc. AEA is a non-profit organization and its members include CEOs from companies across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.