5 Interesting Direct Sales Companies That Have Captured My Attention


I realized a long time ago that party plans and direct sales were not the way I wanted to work from home. I tried it for about a year or so way back in 2001 with a bath and body product company that I really liked, I used their products and enjoyed them so it was an easy sell for me. I did okay with that, but I didn’t really enjoy it. That’s another topic for another day… today I want to give props and kudos to five direct sales companies (aka party plan sales) that really have my attention as being different and interesting right now.

5 unique and interesting direct sales companies in no particular order….

Origami Owl ~ Fun customized jewelry pieces being sold via parties, catalog referrals, and online. Customized anything is always popular and this company is all about having fun and creating your own personal piece of jewelry.

Damsel in Defense ~ Selling self-defense products like stun guns and pepper spray via parties, demonstrations, and online sales. What really has my attention is that they are also heavily about education and awareness in terms of self defense; they’re a company that cares and I like that.

Clever Container ~ Selling organization products, containers etc, online and through home parties. An interesting attempt at making disorganized people like me more organized by making it a little bit more fun and colorful. Everyone has random stuff and they need a place to put it, might as well have fun with that.

Do You Bake? ~ Yes, I do. Thank you for asking. Selling baking kits, supplies, and other food items through parties and online. Okay, so I don’t like the name of this one so much, especially since they offer more than just baking supplies, but the concept and the products are all very interesting. I haven’t tried the food yet personally, but they did manage to get my attention.

JamBerry Nails ~ Selling nail products via home parties and internet sales. Most of the time my nails are plain, if they’re painted it’s just a single coat of whatever I had floating around from the last time my niece was visiting. I’ve never had a professional manicure in my life, not even for prom. Jamberry Nails are colorful, fun, artistic nail wraps that are easy to apply but have fun designs. I’ve seen similar products in the drug store, but Jamberry has a really big selection and better directions for how to apply the darn things. Definitely interesting, even if it’s very niche.

Note about site links in the above post: I chose reps entirely at random from connections I had on Facebook and I included links to their personal sales portals for you to shop or to request more information about being a rep for that particular company. I chose those reps because they were out there around the web talking about their companies and that’s made it easy for me to find them with just a few clicks of my mouse.