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Fx-Series > FxGuard Windows Logon 2.2 buynow

Main Feature Summary    
FxGuard Windows Logon features the latest facial recognition technology for computer access control. It offers more security than conventional password-based authentication systems.

Trial Version
  button_1   User Manual

Installation Guide
  button_1   Product Brochure

Product Description

  button_1   Your face as a password
FxGuard Windows Logon is the latest face recognition software specially designed for computers. With FxGuard, your face is the login ID and password to access your PC/notebook. This system solves many problems associated with password-based verification systems: passwords are forgettable and users are likely to write them down, share them and reuse them. FxGuard Windows Logon offers a high level of protection for your computer and files.
  button_1   More secure
The system adopts the latest and most advanced facial recognition technology. It features an ultra-fast and highly accurate facial verification processing engine. FxGuard Windows Logon is highly adaptive, as the system 'learns' your latest face everytime you login. So, natural facial progression will not compromise system accuracy.
  button_1   Cost advantage
With only a standard web camera, users can start using the cutting edge facial authentication technology to control access to their computers. Clients can benefit from the best-in-class biometric technology at a highly affordable price.
Product Code Product Description
FXS - WLOE22LF FxGuard Windows Logon OEM English Ver 2.2 (LF)
FXS - WLBE22LF FxGuard Windows Logon Boxset with Webcam English Ver 2.2 (LF)

Product Highlight

  button_1   Auto facial verification takes less than 1 second.  
  button_1   Captures all unauthorized login attempts.  
  button_1   Only requires a standard web camera.  
  button_1   Highly robust identification and verification engine that can deal with variations in facial expressions and lighting conditions.  
  button_1   Screen saver surveillance.  
  button_1   Web logon.  

Technical Specification

Features Typical
Platforms Windows 2000/XP
Recommended hardware requirements
CPU : 1GHzRAM : 256 MB
Free Hard disk : 200MB
Face Detection : 0.05 sec.
Face Verification : 0.30 sec.
No. of users
Native in proprietary format with industry standard encryption
Standard web camera
Faceprint size
2K Bytes per user
Tilt: +/- 20 deg.
Roll: +/- 20 deg.
Yaw: +/- 25 deg.
No restriction
Robustness to variability
Robust with respect to reasonable changes in facial expression, facial hair, hairstyle, etc.
Can work with eyeglasses provided the eyes are visible
Except in extreme conditions, lighting effect is not significant
Background Distraction
Independent of background



  Q1 Online Registration  
    Internet connection is required for FxGuard online registration. If the computer is already connected to internet but the registration is not successful, please check whether the network is under proxy protect or not. Set the Advanced Setting options to register.  
  Q2 Offline Registration  
    Offline registration is provided to computer without internet connection. Please refer to 2.3.2 in user manual for details.  
  Q3 Invalid Serial Number  
    The serial number contains letter "o" and number "0". Please check the serial number carefully.  
  Q4 No Webcam Detection  
    Please check the webcam cable connection. Webcam driver is required before using the FxGuard and DirectX 9.0c needs to be installed to system.  
  Q5 Install Directx procedures  
    DirectX 9.0c is required for using FxGuard 2.0. The FxGuard 2.0 CD contains the DirectX 9.0c. Here are the steps of installation:  
  button_1 Insert the FxGuard installation CD. Press Utilities in the CD menu.
  button_1 Press DirectX 9.0c.
  button_1 Press Install to start the installation.
  button_1 Press Yes to accept the License Agreement of DirectX.
  button_1 Press Browse to select the location for extracting the DirectX files.
  button_1 Press Browse to select the location for extracting the DirectX files.
  button_1 Go to the folder contains the set up files of DirectX. Press the DxSETUP to start the DirectX.
  button_1 Select I accept the agreement and then press Next.
  button_1 Press Next again to continue.
  button_1 Press Finish when the installation completed.
  Q6 Please confirm only 6 users per PC is allowed, and how does this work?  
    Yes. The maximum is only 6 users to register per PC. By using a standard webcam, RCG FxGuard can scan the user's face by pin point the eye and nose (the T-point). Users also have the option to login either using password only or both.  
  Q7 Will the program recognize users wearing eye glasses?  
    Yes. Users can wear eye glasses but not too dark or colored.  
  Q8 Is the product compatible with Vista.  
    No. FxGuard Win Logon 2.0 is not compatible with Windows Vista.  
  Q9 I get an error message when I try to login after I change my computer’s name.  
    Restart the computer and go into the Safe Mode. Change the Default Login Mode to “Password Only” in the FxGuard Admin Setting. Restart again to windows normal mode to reinstall the FxGuard. It should resolve the problem.  
  Q10 I can’t use the webcam to enroll my face.  
    If you install the FxGuard before installing the webcam, the FxGuard can’t detect the webcam. You need to uninstall the FxGuard and reinstall again.